Automatic Embedding Plugin

Hi, a few days ago I posted about a new gem Mail2FrontMatter which is a simple daemon that reads an email address, extracts its contents and presents it to middleman to build (using guard). It essentially allows you to email your blog.

I’ve added a few plugins for it (automatic tagging and responsive images) but today I’ve just released the far more important one (which was likely keeping the massive legions from rapidly adopting) which makes the whole system quite usable : automatic embedding of playable content.

Enable this will sniff your email for youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, twitter links e.g. and replace them with the proper embed code. I’m using my fork of the auto_html library to accomplish the hard portion while my library simply glues it all together.

I will likely also release a standalone middleman gem extension for this as well since it could be just as useful for everyone who doesn’t have a pressing desire to email their statically generated website.