CSS 404 error on build

Hi there,

My css was working locally until I ran the build command. Now I’m getting a 404. I’ve read a few threads, including this one which suggested renaming the css files and also setting the default location in the config folder: Build function mangling some key links

Neither of these solutions worked. Does anyone know why I am now getting a 404 when I build? I’ve spent hours working on this so would love some help!

Can you share a Github repository? It’s a bit hard to debug without any actual code :upside_down_face:

Or at least present the source code fragment with CSS linking, and what is the build-code result of the same fragment. config.rb maybe?

Here is the repo link.

I have also attached photos of the stylesheet link and the build command error. !
Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 18.05.25|690x247

I believe this is a sprockets issue. Can you try downgrading?
gem 'sprockets', '~> 3.7'

Also try removing the sprockets activation.