Generate image thumbnails

Hello guys,

Has anybody came across a good solution to generate thumbnails on the fly on M4?

I’ve been including inline images via the markdown, hence I need something that can work from there. This shouldn’t be an issue if the file extension is .erb I guess.

The other complication I have is that I have had to build my custom link tag to get images spit out accordingly to the localised folder they belong to.
So my image tag looks like this

![](){: data-src="<%= getBlogImage(current_page,"grafo.png") %>"}{:.imageContent}

and nothing between the most relevant solutions ([Clowncar](, [Middleman-images](, [Middleman-Thumbnailer](, [Middleman-simple-thumbnailer]( seems to work as they all need the standard image_tag somehow.

Any idea?

I use middleman-thumbnailer. You can do something like image_path(thumbnail_url(data.image, :size)). You just have to overwrite the image_path helper to point to the localized folders.