Ping Google and Bing with a sitemap URL when you build your site

Hi guys and gals,

I recently published a simple extension that lets you ping Google and Bing with your sitemap when you build your site. You can find it here:

Super simple to add and configure (just tell it about your website host and you’re good to go).

If you have any questions or ideas for improvements, let me know here or - even better - send a pull request on GitHub! :smile:



Hello @manuelmeurer
This looks great ! But i have a simple question : why ?
I think it’s for win some time for webcrawlers to quiclky index new sitemap ?


“Why?” is always a good question! :smile:

Yeah, especially when a site is young, Googlebot sometimes takes its time before reindexing it or checking the sitemap. From everything I’ve read about the topic, it’s not totally clear how much of a benefit it really is to ping Google and Bing with your sitemap, but it’s a recommended practice and it surely can’t hurt. :smile:

Google recommends adding a sitemap to Google Webmasters Central, so I really think this “improve” the ranking or at last the discoverability of the website :smile:

From Google Webmaster Central:

… notifying Google and other search engines through sitemaps pings and PubSubHubbub, will allow your website to be crawled optimally, and represented accordingly in search results.

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There is another reason why I prefere a middleman extension:

What you provide sounds like Software As A Service. As soon as there is an extension, there is no need to make this compromise anymore.

Read Stallman’s opinion to understand some disadvantages for SaaS: