Recreate my development version from a build

So I screwed big time. My Macbook Air drive is corrupted and I didn’t upload my middleman site git repo to a remote location/didn’t back it up anywhere :confused:

The only thing remaining is a live website (the build).

Is there a way to rebuild development version on my local machine based on what’s live on the server?

No TimeMachine backup? No iCloud backup? There is no way to get the source code from the build.

I got TimeMachine backup but it’s like 6 months old :frowning: So much development hours wasted. I guess I will bite the bullet and just redo all the work again. Unless I can magically recover the data from the corrupted SSD drive…

It’s very interesting how you managed to corrupt an SSD drive. Have you tried running Recovery Mode, checking the disk etc? Or is it a hardware failure?

Yeah hardware failure, I cannot even access the disk so the only ways is to send to a data recovery company.